Jay’s Small Moves Are Your Local Berkeley Moving Company

Planning to move your Berkeley home, office or business? Or, is Berkeley your final destination? Jay’s Small Moves is a  privately owned Berkeley moving company and we’re ready to show you how easy moving is when it’s done right. Unlike the bigger, corporate moving companies, our employees live and work right here in Berkeley and the surrounding area.

As a result, we’re more committed to providing exceptional customer service because you never know – you may be our next new neighbor. We are also fully licensed, bonded and insured so all of your belongings – from the biggest to the smallest – are fully protected while they’re in our hands and trucks. From packing boxes and protecting your furniture, to loading, unloading, moving and furniture assembly and delivery, we’ve got you covered. Contact us to obtain a free, on-site estimate and we promise to provide a competitively priced quote within one business day.

There’s no reason for your move to be stressful when the Jay’s Team is at the wheel. We can’t wait to show you what a difference it makes when you trust your home or business move to the professionals. You don’t have to take our word for it; we’ve maintained an A+ rating with the BBB since we got our start, and we’re proud of our rave reviews on Yelp!

Berkeley Movers

Our movers in Berkeley provide top-quality moving services to home and business owners in Berkeley and around the greater Bay Area. With our goal for the very best in customer service, your satisfaction is always the top priority. We offer:

  • Professional packing services
  • Loading and unloading whether into your new home, business or storage units
  • Specializing in local Bay Area moves
  • Furniture pick-up, delivery and assembly
  • Professional packing, protection and labeling of valuable art, furniture and collectibles
  • And more!

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We’ll plan and organize any or all aspects of your Berkeley moving experience

As your selected Berkeley moving service we’re happy to take care of your move from start to finish, from the moment the first box is packed labeled and taped, until the moment it’s unpacked at your new home or business. However, we are just as able to help in other areas where you may need it most. For many busy households and families, organizing the move – and taking the time to pack the household – is the hardest part of all.

To this effort, we can take over:

  • Providing boxes and packing materials of all types, based on our in-home inventory, ensuring you don’t over- or under-purchase materials.
  • All of the packing for you, including specialty items such as large-screen TVs and entertainment centers, home offices and priceless heirlooms and collectibles
  • Padding and wrapping furniture and furnishings so they’re protected throughout the moving process, as well as in the back of the moving truck along the journey
  • Packing the moving truck for you so you benefit from efficiency and minimizing the damage caused along the way when things aren’t loaded correctly and/or adequately secured.
  • Specialty moving services to move valuable antiques, art or fragile heirlooms
  • Shipping and/or transporting of your classic cars, RVs, motorcycles and other toys
  • Furniture assembly, delivery and/or furniture disassembly
  • Furniture and furnishings disposal for the items you’re not taking with you, or have decided not to keep once you arrive
  • Every single aspect of your move from start to finish, so you don’t have to lift a finger

Contact Jay’s Small Moves online, or give us a call at (510) 501-5800, and one of our professionally-trained estimators will call you back to schedule your in-home estimate. Our estimates are solid – rather than the moving targets provided by other Berkeley movers – so what you see is what you get, and there are never any hidden charges or surprised.

Small doesn’t just mean local

It’s true that in the beginning, we only worked in the local, Bay Area region. However, over the course of the last decade, our customers have been so happy with our work that they often begged us to help out down the road when they moved further away. As a result, we’ve extended our “local moving business” to a “long-distance moving business,” as long as your move takes you within about 100-miles from Berkeley.

We’ll move your home and/or business from the Bay Area to multiple cities in Northern California, Sacramento and down into the central valley. Contact Jay’s Small Moves to learn more about our long-distance moving services and to see if your destination qualifies.

Minimize downtime or time off work

Are you planning to move your office, small to medium business or warehouse? Jay’s Small Moves prides ourselves on the ability to carefully schedule, plan and organize your company’s move so that we minimize or eliminate the amount of time you’re offline.

As a local, small business ourselves, we understand that time is money – which means any time spent offline or unable to perform business as usual means a hit to your company’s bottom line. Our team:

  • Works with your management team and/or moving coordinator(s) to discuss exactly what the move will entail.
  • Packs (or oversee) the packing of individual workstations, storage closets, warehouses, etc. to ensure its organized and able to be swiftly unpacked back into its place at your new location.
  • Provides new furniture or workstation assembly and disassembly
  • Can breakdown and disconnect computer, printer and tech stations, carefully pack and label them and then re-connect the whole kit and caboodle when we arrive at your destination.

Having a professional moving team running the show will save your company time, energy and a whole lot of headache. Give us a call here at Jay’s Small Moves, (510) 501-5800, or contact us online to begin discussing the logistics.

Our Berkeley Movers make stress-free moving a reality

Can’t stomach the idea of another move? We understand, and that’s why the team at Jay’s Small Moves was started in the first place. Our employees have spent the past 10+ years perfecting our customer-oriented moving services, and we look forward to taking care of all the little details so you can look forward to your upcoming move and the excitement of your new location.

Give us a call here at Jay’s Small Moves, (510) 501-5800, or fill out our contact form online, to schedule your in-home inventory and estimate. Again, our estimates are firm and we make sure not to surprise you with hidden charges or fees that weren’t discussed and agreed upon ahead of time. Once you’ve used Jay’s and experienced how simple, organized and stress-free it can be, you’ll never dread moving again.