Our Insurance and Valuation Coverage

Jay’s Small Moves is a Fully Licensed & Insured Moving Company.

Please understand that there are inherent risks while moving physical property.
Purchasing valuation coverage prior to your move will provide you additional property protection past the legally required 60 cents per pound coverage.

If we are responsible for damage to your property, we will do our best to make you happy before we leave your job. If unable to come to an initial agreement, we will resolve issues through our insurance company. In this event, the settlement will be based on the level of coverage you choose before your move. Your choices of valuation coverage is as follows:

Basic standard valuation required by CPUC is included in your move price at the rate of 60 cents per pound. This option provides 60 cents of coverage for every pound the damage items weighs. For example, if a 100lb item gets damaged, then the customer would receive $60 towards repair or replacement.

Actual Cash valuation may be purchased at a cost of $135 per $25,000 of coverage and takes into account depreciation. Covers assessed value. Under this coverage, if we were to damage an item of furniture, an assessor would come out and place value on it taking age and wear into account.  We would be responsible to pay this assessed value.  Please request actual cash valuation prior to move if desired.

All Risk / Full Replacement Value insurance may be purchased from third party movinginsurance.com 48 hours prior to your move. You may call them at 888-893-8835.

Jay’s Small Moves cannot assume liability for boxes we did not pack, fragile items left unpacked, mechanical and electrical items without evidence of external damage or items of exceptional value.