When the time finally comes to venture to another city and have a fresh start, you’ll most certainly use a moving truck. Loading a moving truck is not as easy as tossing your stuffs into the back. There are ways to appropriately and efficiently load a moving truck. There are important safety guidelines that need to be followed when moving out.

In the same breath, there are items that you should not place inside a moving truck for various reasons. Here are 8 items that you may want to keep out of the back of the moving truck:

1. Flammable Material

Moving trucks can catch fire, especially if there’s any flammable material to trigger the fire. As such, you should not keep alcohol, lighter fluid, or any other stuff labelled “Keep away from open flame” in the moving truck. In case there’s a spark, or the truck gets hot, these materials can have your possessions up in flames before you even notice there is a problem.

2. Your Pet’s toys and food

Just like human food, pet food should be carried in a temperature controlled container. Likewise, pet toys should not be loaded into a moving truck unless they’re appropriately boxed and covered. Given that these go in your in your pet’s mouth, they need to be protected for your animal’s health.

3. Medications

This may seem obvious, but many people still make the mistake of putting their medications in a box in the moving truck. It can be very challenging to find any prescriptions you take regularly amid the numerous boxes. This can be life-threatening, especially if they are emergency medications.

4. Weapons

If you are a gun owner, you must ensure that your weapons are not only in your possession, but also in your control always. If another person will be unloading and unpacking, your weapon ought to be with you instead of being in the moving truck.

5. Important Paperwork

It is not advisable to transport vital documents in a moving truck. There’s so much that can go wrong. Hence, any document that you cannot afford to lose or replace should be kept with you. They include:

  • IDs
  • Tax information
  • Passports
  • Will
  • Health Information

6. Perishable Foods

Any food that cannot survive outside the refrigerator cannot move with you. If you pack perishable food products into your moving truck and you are moving quite far, there is a high chance that they will spoil by the time you reach your destination. You may have to throw the food away. Otherwise, you could give yourself food poisoning.

7. Photo Albums

Photo albums do not pose any danger to the other items in the moving truck. However, they are at risk themselves during a move. These moving trucks are not accident-proof – something can fall down; a box can get misplaced during unloading, or a fire can erupt (rarely). If you have any important albums, ensure they are in your possession when you move.

8. Money

Money and coins in a moving truck can spell disaster. No one wants to lose track of any of their money. You should keep your money in a safe, then transport it where no one can see it.

Moving can be very stressful and the last thing you want is to set a fire, lose your prized memories, or poison yourself. If you don’t want to ruin your move-in day, then you have to do things the right way. In that regard, there are a number of items that you must keep out of your moving truck, the most significant of which are highlighted above.