why you should leave the packing to the professionals

In our industry, we feel like packing is to moving what labor is to the birth of a child. For the ones moving, packing can seem like a painful, stressful, and never-ending chore. But, then, for some reason, they forget about all that stress and angst once they get to their new home.  

Most people don’t realize that in addition to the actual loading and transportation of your furniture and boxes from Point A to Point B, most moving companies also offer professional packing services. 

7 Smart Reasons To Leave The Packing To The Professionals Your Next Move 

In addition to saving time and energy, while also lowering stress levels, professional packers also save you money. Here’s a list of 7 smart reasons you should leave the packing to the professionals. 

They bring you the right number of boxes from the start

Clients rarely get the correct number of boxes and packing materials for their move. By and large, most people grossly underestimate the amount and quantity of materials required, leading to a major pile-up at the end. 

Who has the time or extra room in the budget to keep running to a big box store to pick up extra materials? Especially if you wind up having to do that multiple times? Your packing company will bring the right amount the first time around. And, in the odd chance that we need a few extra materials, we keep packing while one of our employees brings some more – no time wasted. 

Unlimited packing supplies

To pack correctly, you need a wide range of materials. These include: 

  • Boxes (multiple sizes and types) 
  • Wardrobe boxes 
  • Heavy-duty packing tape 
  • Paper wrap 
  • Bubble wrap 
  • Glass/china separators 
  • Stretch plastic wrap 
  • Blankets and pads 
  • Appliance dollies and piano dollies (for wider or more cumbersome pieces of furniture that don’t fit on the appliance dolly) 
  • Permanent markers for labeling and numbering boxes 

When you work with a professional moving company to handle your packing for you, they provide an unlimited supply of these – all included for the quoted service cost. 

No need to discard the extras

On the flip side of the “not having enough packing materials” coin is the “we got frustrated and bought too many.” Once the last of your home’s furnishings are packed and loaded up, there’s no need for any of the above packing materials.  

Now you’re stuck having to bring materials you don’t need to your new home. Or, you have to throw away a bunch of unused-but-still-good materials and add to the landfill problem. The best option is to invest in professional packing services, and we’ll take the unused quantities of materials back to our warehouse. It’s that easy. 

Protect your furniture and belongings from damage

We specialize in local Bay Area moves. Often, when we help customers unload items they packed themselves, we helplessly standby as they despair over all of the breakage and damage that happened along the way. We frequently hear things like, “But we only moved a couple of blocks (or a few miles) away…how did this happen?” 

Whether you move a few blocks or a few thousand miles away, your household belongings must be packed with the same level of protection. It only takes a few minutes of a bumpy road, a couple of speed bumps, or an abrupt stop to cause serious damage. Professionals properly wrap and expertly pack every single item. If we are hired to load belongings, we also use blankets and padding to protect hard surfaces from rubbing – or banging – together

Save lots and lots of time

Packing is both an art and a science. It’s like a real-life game of Tetris, with more sorting and organization involved. As a person who moves and may even move regularly, you have an idea of how to pack. However, as professionals who pack, inventory, load and unload moving trucks on a daily basis, we have it down to an efficient system. 

You’ll be amazed at how quickly we get the job done. Best of all, you get to enjoy all that extra time wrapping up your own “little extras” without getting behind on the packing. We are also happy to store your belongings for as long as you need to, especially those you aren’t sure you want to move if they don’t work in your new location. 

Stay on schedule

Packing is the number one reason why clients aren’t ready for us when using our moving services. We get there at the scheduled time and often have to reschedule for hours later as they scramble to get everything packed.  

In addition to causing problems with scheduled rental truck pickup/returns, getting to your new house in time to sign last-minute paperwork, or picking up the keys, you could wind up forfeiting the slot you booked with a local mover.  If you aren’t ready for them within their grace period, the company may have to reschedule your move to honor their schedule with other clients. 

Save money leaving the packing to the professional

When you leave packing to the professionals, we come in and assess your home and the items we’ll be moving. From this, we create a firm estimate for packing it all up. This figure doesn’t shift regardless of how long it takes us or how many materials we use. Then, the insurance we offer on items that we handle and transport means we pay to replace anything damaged, missing, or broken along the way. 

You don’t get this type of insurance when you pack up on your own, which means you can spend money you don’t have in the budget to buy last-minute packing supplies or to replace furniture or valuables that were damaged during the move. 

Are you ready to take a huge breath, relax a bit, and leave the packing to the professionals? Great choice. Contact Jay’s Small Moves, and we’ll answer any questions you have.