creating-the-perfect-moving-checklistWhen you’re moving it’s easy to get overwhelmed. So, a moving checklist is necessary because moving quite bluntly is a pain and rarely something you’re going to look forward to. Here are a few tips to make the moving process not quite so confusing. For ease of use they are presented over the course of two months.

Two Months In Advance

Moving is not something that should be done in a day or even a week. Part of what makes moving so hectic is trying to do too much at the last minute. By doing things well in advance you save yourself from work later when time is at a premium.

  • Start Tossing Stuff Out: take an inventory of what you own and decide on what you can safely let go of. So throw out anything old, pointless, broken and anything you’ve been playing to replace anyway. Also consider throwing out anything that’d be more trouble than its worth to move.
  • Moving Companies: if you’re not doing it yourself its time to go shopping. You want plenty of time to get estimates from various moving companies. So call up every certified and well regarded company you’d consider using and ask for estimates. Get an onsite visit and get any estimates in writing.
  • Record Your Data: keep careful records of any estimates, bills and receipts for payment. Also keep an itemized list of everything you’re moving.

Six Weeks In Advance

As the time to move gets closer its time to start preparing accordingly and getting items ready for transport.

  • Gather Supplies: moving requires a great deal of packaging material to be safely done. You don’t want your breakables flying around an unpadded box so be prepared. That means getting the need supplies such as boxes, tape, padding such as bubble wrap and labels or markers.
  • Use Up Perishable Goods: you can’t really move perishable foods easily and you don’t want to move cleaning supplies due to hazards. So start using up any items you don’t want to bring with you. This includes the above mentioned food and cleaning supplies but this can also include things that are commonly replaced such as soaps and napkins.

A Month In Advance

Time to really start the moving process.

  • Finalize Your Mover: and be sure to get everything importance such as costs and time frame in writing.
  • Logical Packing: now is the time to start packing goods that don’t see daily use. Also look into added movers insurance for any expensive goods and be sure to keep records of them.
  • Separate Valuables: valuables such as money, jewelry, important records and the like should be stored in a safe box which is always on your person.
  • Forward Your Mail/Keep Contact: this is an important step you shouldn’t overlook. Also let the needed parties know you’re relocating. This includes your creditors, bank, employer, insurance company, magazines, friends and family.
  • Medical Records: ask your records be forwarded to any new health care provider you may be making use of in the future.

One Week To Go

  • Autos: be sure to get your car checked out at a local shop before driving a great distance.
  • Fill Your Prescriptions: it can take a while to get settled in when you move so be prepared.
  • Pack: have your suitcases and clothing ready to go.
  • Check The Details: make sure everything is correctly recorded and accounted for. Make sure all accounts you wanted closed are closed.

Moving Day

Finalize And Head Out: after verifying your movers have arrived successfully sign off on any paperwork, get a copy for your records, assure nothing was missed and head on your way.