dealing-with-a-move-when-physically-disabledMoving from one house to another is stressful in any circumstance, but if you are physically disabled, it can be even more so. In addition to the normal stress involved, many physical disabilities are made more painful when you are stressed. When you add in things like not being able to pack, lift boxes and take care of other details, the stress can be overwhelming. There are some things that can help ease that stress and make your move smoother.

Start Packing Early

Give yourself plenty of time to take breaks. Instead of trying to pack in a day or two, start two months or more in advance and make it a goal to pack only one box a day. The more time you give yourself, the less apt you are to feel that you have to overdo things physically.

Prepare Your New Home

If you need to have a wheelchair ramp installed or special items to make navigating your new home easier and safer, have these taken care of before you move in. Waiting until after you move in, or even worse the day you move in, will only add to your stress. If you need help paying for special renovations like a ramp, there are places that can help you financially.

Locate Resources

You know what is available in the way of help in your current neighborhood, but knowing what is available in your new neighborhood can help ease stress. It may also give you contacts that can help you get settled, unpack and find transportation in your new area. You can find a great deal of information on resources at

Ask For Help

Independence is important, but nobody can do everything alone. Reach out to friends and family and ask for what you need. Many are probably waiting for a word from you. People won’t want to make you feel ineffective and may worry about reaching out first.

Moving Day Bag

You will be exhausted by the time you have reached your new place. Other than a bed being set up, you probably won’t want to unpack boxes and look for essentials. Pack a bag that contains a change of outfit, any medications, toothbrush, bathroom tissue and enough money to order out if you choose. This way, you can relax and start on the unpacking when you are refreshed the next morning.

Draw a Floor Plan

Drawing up a floor plan indicating where all the major furniture is to go will help your movers place the big items exactly where they need to be. This eliminates the need of finding a way to move them later. A related help is to make sure all your boxes are labeled as to which room they need to be in. This way, you can unpack them without moving them from one room to another and can find things easier.

Let Someone Else Do It

Hiring a moving company can be a lifesaver when you are dealing with a disability. You can hire movers to simply transport items or go for a complete service that has them packing your items on one end and unpacking and assembling on the other. The stress this kind of service saves can be priceless.

Whatever method you use to move, take your time, don’t overdo and be willing to ask for help. With these three things in mind, you can ease the stress and make your move smoother.