downsizing-moving-from-a-house-to-an-apartmentMoving day does not always have to be the traumatic experience one imagines. With the right moving company and a little forethought, almost anyone can be moved in a single day. Still, it does take a little preparation, especially if you will be downsizing from a full-sized home into an apartment. Here are some tips for making the whole process a little easier:

Start with the Trash – In general, there is a lot of space – storage and otherwise – in a house. This fact means that a homeowner tends to accumulate a lot of things that they don’t actually use anymore. Admittedly, the items were valuable at one time or another but now they are just suitable for one thing – the trash can. Simply put, do yourself a favor and get rid of the garbage now. You will not want to deal with it on moving day and you just won’t be able to do it in your new apartment.

Give It Away Beforehand – Undoubtedly, there will also be plenty of useful items that shouldn’t be placed in the garbage heap but that will also not fit in your new apartment. Plan ahead and hold a garage sale or give the stuff to you friends and family. Every item that you get rid of now is one less that you will have to deal with – and pay for! – in the actual move.

Make the Furniture You Keep Do Double-Duty – While your living arrangements may be changing, you are not. In fact, you will still want to do most of the same activities in your apartment as you did in your house. So, having a sleeper sofa for guests or utilizing coffee tables with storage are excellent ways to get more use out the smaller amount of room that you now have. Similarly, there are all sorts of “after market” storage solutions for optimizing the space in your closet or under your bed.

Consider Offsite Storage – In some cases, no matter how hard you try, you cannot bear to relinquish some of the things you have acquired but also cannot fit into your new quarters. Storage facilities offer an affordable and protected way to keep the items. Be aware, though, that certain items should be kept in temperature and humidity controlled environments or they will probably become damaged. Another tip is to keep these stored items organized in some way. Then, when you want to trade out a particular piece of art or keepsake for another one in your apartment, you will be able to do so quickly and easily.

Keep Clutter to a Minimum – Downsizing into an apartment is an opportunity to rid yourself of a lot of useless items. Don’t recreate the mess by haphazardly letting small piles of clutter accumulate in your apartment. It makes for a very cramped lifestyle. Designate on or two small drawers for the everyday necessities but keep all those old boxes, magazines and whatever else flowing into the apartment complex’s dumpster at every opportunity.

While moving can be a challenge, it needn’t be a traumatic event. It just takes a little planning and effort. For more tips on relocating from a house into an apartment or to find a mover in the Bay area, please visit us online at