Moving is one of the most stressful things a person can do. Even if you don’t feel any undue stress just because you’ve moved to a new town doesn’t mean it isn’t there. For most people, it isn’t a palpable feeling they can really put their finger on.

The issue for many individuals is a simple lack of familiarity with the place where they now live. Of course, you can expect to be familiar with a place you’ve just arrived. You’ll need to do some legwork to get to know your new area.

While truly understanding the rhythms and pace of a new town might take months, you can get to know your new home on some level fairly quickly. Use this guide to learn a few easy ways you can get to know your new town and feel comfortable in your neighborhood.

Walk Your Neighborhood

One of the best things you can do in a new town is to pull out your walking shoes and hit the beaten path. Actually taking the time to walk your neighborhood instead of driving from point A to point B can reveal a lot about the place where you live.

From a great corner bakery to a charming boutique or nearby dry cleaner you wouldn’t have noticed, you’ll likely spot amenities and essentials you’ll enjoy often just by taking a long stroll around your new neighborhood.

Take A Shopping Trip

Shopping is an amazing way to see a new city because you’ll get a feel for what people are buying, what the stores are like and even who is working in them. You probably also need a few things for your new home, right?

If you do embark on a shopping trip, try to go somewhere where you’ll actually find a few local businesses. Going to the big mall in town might tell you something about the place where you live, but finding where the locals shop – as well as where the locals actually own and run businesses – can provide considerably more insight.

Have A Meal Out

Moving can be expensive and physically tiring, and for those reasons, a lot of people tend to stay in their new homes a lot for the first few days after relocating. That probably means cooking at home or dialing that local pizza delivery place that left an advertisement in your mailbox.

Going out for a meal can really show you a lot about the pace and tastes of your new town, though. Even going to a diner that’s known as a local hangout can help you learn more about the place where you live without breaking the bank.

Make it part of your day out when you hit the streets, take a look around the stores and grab a bite to eat.

Talk To Neighbors

When you’ve just moved to a new town, there’s a good chance that you don’t know too many people in your area. Being new to town can be an amazing excuse to start conversations with your neighbors.

Doing this can only help you create some friendly faces where you live. You may not need to borrow any cups of sugar from your neighbors, but having acquaintances and friends you can chat with surely won’t hurt you.

Your neighbors will also be an excellent source of information about your new town. From restaurants, you must go to, to the ones you should avoid and what events are worth checking out, people who already live in your area are important resources.