You discuss moving with your entire family several months ago, and now it is time to start heading to your new home. Your child may feel worried or overwhelmed about this big change.

The following tips can help you make moving fun and easier for your little one:

  • Let Them Choose Something New. The key is to get your child excited about their new home, so let them choose something special to celebrate the occasion. You can let them choose new curtains for the living room, accessories for the bathroom, outdoor toys for the backyard or a new toy box for their own bedroom. Your child will be excited to set up these items in your new home.
  • Let Them Make The Decisions With Their Room. You want to get your child excited about their new bedroom, as this will be a different experience for them. The first thing you should do is let them pick out the colors of the wall, curtains and area rugs. The next thing you should do is ask your child to draw a map of their new bedroom. When you start setting up their bedroom, try to keep it as close to their map as possible.
  • Make Plans To Go Exploring. It is no secret that children love to explore new surroundings. Let your child know that you plan to take them exploring once you move into your new home. Start by taking them on a tour of their new home. You can then explore the backyard, local park or the neighborhood in general. Your older kids may even want to explore the closest mall or museum.
  • Put Together A Special Box. Give your child a packing box for their special items, which may include their favorite stuffed animal, blanket and book. Let your child decorate the box with foam stickers spelling out their name, as well as other stickers and doodles. Make sure you take this box in the car so your child can hold on to their special items.
  • Get Them Involved. The best way to get your child excited about the move is to get them involved with the process. Ask your child to help you pack up certain items, such as linen, outerwear and of course their own belongings. You can add little surprises in each box for them, such as their favorite snack, a pack of stickers, stick-on tattoos or a small homemade pillow for their new room.
  • Let Them Decorate The Boxes. Another way to get your children involved is to let them label the boxes. You can always label one side in your own handwriting, but make sure you let them help with the rest of the box. Start by asking them to help you tape up the boxes. The next step is to let them label the boxes using washable markers or foam letter stickers. Finish it off by letting them use the markers and stickers to decorate the boxes with fun shapes and silly phrases.
  • Make Their Room A Priority. Your child is going to be nervous about their new bedroom, so you want to get them comfortable as soon as possible. Start unpacking their bedding, clothing, toys and other familiar items. Once you unpack most of their belongings and set up the bigger items, you can let your child take over the decorating and putting their belongings away. Taking control of their new bedroom will make it feel more like their own space.

You should always listen to your child, offer comfort and keep the moving process as lighthearted as possible. When you make the moving process fun for your child, you are easing the tension and helping them get through this big experience.