Moving an entire office can be a very stressful event. Not only do you have to make sure that your employees are ready for the move, but you have to secure a reliable professional moving company in order to transport all of your office furniture to the new location without disrupting your entire business operations. With some close attention to details, and careful planning you can successfully orchestrate your office relocation while keeping the stress and costs at bay.

Your plan needs to include how you will pack the furniture in your office and how it will be delivered to the new location in the quickest and most efficient manner possible. The more time you spend on planning how the furniture delivery will work, the less downtime you will experience on the day of your move. As you organize your plan, you want to research professional office furniture moving companies in the Bay Area like Jay’s Small Moves, to find the right company that will meet all of your office relocation needs.

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Moving Bookcases

For most offices, the contents of the bookcases aren’t needed on a daily basis. The items from the bookcases can be removed and packed well in advance of the scheduled move date. Place all of the books and items securely in boxes and clearly mark each box not only with what is inside the box, but also with where the box needs to be delivered when it arrives at the new office As the heaviest pieces of furniture, moving them into the moving van needs to be completed first.

Moving File Cabinets

Next, your employees should work on their file cabinets. For tips on the best way to organize your employees for quick and easy packing of the file cabinets, you can read About page on moving a business office. The first step your employees should take is to empty all of the file cabinets and place all of the documents and files into the labeled boxes. Emptying the cabinets makes them lighter and easier to transport. Once they are empty, tape the drawers shut so they don’t open during the move.

Moving Desks

The desks will have to be the last items emptied out. Have your employees emptied all of the drawers and place the items into boxes and manila envelopes. They need to mark the boxes with their names so they can find their items when they get to the new office. Any fragile items should be wrapped in packing paper and packing peanuts before being placed in the boxes. Once the desks have been emptied, the draws should be shut to prevent them from opening during transportation.

Moving Chairs

The chairs should be the last item to find their way into the moving truck. This allows your employees to continue to be seated while they are packing up their desks and file cabinets. The moving professional should put the chairs next to one another or stack them on top of each other at the back of the truck. When you arrive at the new location, the chairs will be the first item to be unloaded, giving your employees something to sit on while they are putting their desks and file cabinets back in order.

Relocating your office shouldn’t have to be stressful, and there is no reason why your business operations should be disrupted for more than a single day. Having a simple office relocation guideline to follow can help make your move a bit easier. Taking the time to make a solid plan for your office furniture delivery cannot only save you time, but can also keep your office relocation as stress free as possible.

If you are looking to relocate your office, contact Jay’s Small Moves for an estimate.