Hawaii is one of the most beautiful states in the country to live. It offers great year-round weather, plenty of scenic locations, and lots of outdoor activities. However, if you are planning on moving to Hawaii from California, it can be quite complicated and will require some detailed planning. It is important that you coordinate with an experienced moving company that can help make this process a little easier for you.


Moving Your Personal Belongings

There are many homes available in Hawaii that come fully furnished. If you plan on only moving to Hawaii for a few years this may be your best options. You can just have your current furniture moved into storage while you are away. If you are moving to Hawaii on a more permanent basis, then you may want to take the extra effort to move everything you own with you.

This will require you to work with several different companies in addition to your local movers, such as port agencies, ocean carriers, and movers in Hawaii. Some local moving companies will help coordinate all these different services for you. Be certain to ask for a detailed budget from each company you will need to work with, to keep your expenses in line with your moving budget.

Moving Your Car

Your vehicles may be the most difficult items to move to Hawaii, but it can still be done. It typically cost about $1,000 to move each vehicle, so you will need to determine if this is worth the cost, or if it is better to sell your car and buy a new one in Hawaii. There are specialty movers that can handle this process for you.

Importing your Plants and Pets

Hawaii has very strict policies about the importation of plants and pets. Many plants are allowed into the state after a close inspection upon entry. However, you will be required to obtain permission from the state government to bring along certain types of plants, and you may be required to meet a set of specific criteria. You should contact the Hawaiian Department of Agriculture if you plan to bring any type of plants with you.

The state also has strict regulations on what types of pets are allowed into the country. Typically, pets like guinea pigs, turtles, domesticated mice and rats, and many tropical fish can enter the state after passing inspection. However, dogs and cats are subject to a quarantine of up to 120 days after entering the state. To avoid this lengthy quarantine, you can complete a series of shots and tests prior to entry, but this will take a minimum of 120 days prior to moving. You can work with your veterinarian to make the necessary arrangements. Please check with the Hawaiian Department of Agriculture for a full list of restrictions and requirements.

As you can see, moving to Hawaii can be quite complicated, especially if you are planning to take all your belongings with you. Whether you are taking everything with you or you want to store the majority of your belongings, utilizing a local moving company can make this process easier and save you both time and money. A professional moving company will also be able to answer any of your questions and make sure that everything is in place for your big moving day.