moving after divorceGetting a divorce is not the end of the world. However, it can lead to stress, financial inconveniences, and an ongoing strain on your family. All of these issues are compounded when there are children involved. One of the more complex challenges you will face is moving after divorce. Instead of doing it as a couple, you have to remember that everything will be split and you will either need to share certain items or start all over with new items. This isn’t easy, but the challenges will appear all at once and without giving you much notice. You just have to take the time to think about how you manage them.

Leaving Family And Friends

It’s only natural that couples will have mutual friends and even become friends with each other’s family members. Moving away means that you won’t be able to have that quality face time with people you have become close to and developed a relationship with like you once did. The best way to handle this is to find time to spend with those people apart from your former spouse and never discuss one another during that personal time.

Attending School

Whether you are attending college or have children who are in school, it will be difficult to commute and not have to worry about compromising your schedule. If you are moving a long distance away from your current school, it might be time to decide whether or not it would be best to transfer to a school closer to where you are relocating. This is easier to do with your children because it’s only a matter of making sure you register them in the proper district, but you still have to console your children if they are leaving behind their own friends. Having a weekend of sleepovers with their best friends will help alleviate that stress on your children. When it comes to moving with children, it will serve you well to keep all of their emotions and belongings in mind the entire time.

Sharing Pets

If you have pets that you adopted along with your former spouse, deciding on custody will be no different than figuring out custody and visitation for your human children. Be prepared to make long trips frequently if you’re moving completely away from the area. If you’re moving to a different state entirely, you’ll need to go through the long, drawn out court procedures to determine who gets custody. If you are awarded joint custody, make it easy by accepting visitation during the same time you will have your children.

Reconciling Bills

Making sure that the post office changes your address is absolutely necessary. However, getting your address changed for subscriptions to magazines, newspapers, and other series will not be so easy. It might be best to take a loss and just get a totally new subscription to those services that will be in just your name. You won’t miss any issues that way and you can make sure they come to your new address. On the other hand, bills are different. If you keep them in your former spouse’s name, you will still be responsible for whatever portion the courts have judged you to be responsible for.

Moving after a divorce is challenging, especially if you have children making that move with you. It doesn’t have to get the best of you, though. As you pack up your belongings, remember that you are only taking your things when you move, but you still need to decide how to handle the move so that it is seamless and less stressful.