why-a-winter-move-might-be-your-best-moveThe middle of a San Francisco winter is the last time most folks want to move house. Gray skies, cool wet days and cold nights cast a pall over the Bay Area that keeps most people indoors. Despite the gray skies, there are some valid reasons you should consider shopping for a new home and making your move during the winter months. You just may find the task less stressful, save money and get a better house to move into for a variety of reasons.

Winter move benefits

1. Less competition for available houses
2. Leads to lower prices
3. And more motivated sellers

Less competition

Fewer people looking for homes during winter benefits you in several ways. You save a lot of time spent in your search and face less competition for the ones you like. The perceived lack of buyers tends to make sellers more likely to accept your first offer and more willing to negotiate. You’ll find Realtors much more willing in winter as well. Because business is down in winter, your Realtor is willing to do more and work harder to make the sale and earn a commission. It’s a winning situation for smart winter time home buyers.

Winter means cash savings

“San Francisco median home hits $1 million” That’s the headline from a recent article in the San Francisco Business Times. It shines a spotlight on the rapid rise in property values all across the Bay Area and is probably your best reason to find and move into a new home during the winter months. You can save money and get more bang for your buck. The reasoning behind this is simple. Fewer people are looking for a house during the winter months. This benefits your pocket because the perceived lack of  potential buyers puts pressure on sellers to keep prices down and makes them more likely to negotiate.

Perks, Big and Small

Motivated sellers often means you get more add-on’s and perks for the same money. Buying and moving in the winter could be the difference between getting a home equipped with all appliances, a piano or some other perks as an added incentive to make a quick sale. Really seeing what a house is like is another perk gained when you buy and move during the winter. You can see the yard and garden as they really are and find problems often covered by flowering plants and greenery. Problems with leaking, heating systems and more may be more apparent during the winter season. This can help you avoid costly mistakes and give better leverage to bargain with sellers.

It’s true, there are fewer houses available during the winter, but the benefits and potential cost savings make it a worthwhile time to buy and move. And when you are ready to move, Jay’s Small Moves is ready to help.