Planning a Move When You’re Elderly

Moving house is always a stressful experience – even if everything goes relatively smoothly, never underestimate just how emotionally and physically exhausting it can be. It goes without saying that the older you get, the more difficulties are involved.  If you are arranging a move for yourself,

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How the London Bridge was Moved


A lot of movers claim they can handle any job, large or small…  but what about one of the biggest moving jobs in history? How London Bridge Came To America In late 1971, in a little-known town called Lake Havasu City, AZ, a dedication ceremony was held

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Ditch the Clutter and Downsize


Keeping up with the Joneses is a saying seemingly as old as time, and there’s definitely still a place for that kind of materialism in today’s culture. There’s a small but growing subset of people, though, who are getting turned on to a more minimalistic lifestyles and

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Make Moving Fun for Kids


You discuss moving with your entire family several months ago, and now it is time to start heading to your new home. Your child may feel worried or overwhelmed about this big change. The following tips can help you make moving fun and easier for your little

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Convincing Your Friends to Help You Move


Moving to a new location can be a load of work if you have plenty of belongings to transport. But as long as you have enough friends, especially people with trucks or vans, the job can be accelerated. The key is to give friends plenty of notice.

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Moving with Pets

Moving to a new home is an exciting time for the whole family. If you’re moving with pets, it can be a little tricky – after all, you can’t sit them down and explain what you are doing! However, with a few key tips to keep in

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