getting-your-kids-involved-in-the-moveMoving can be a difficult experience for your little one. They are leaving their friends, home and everything they have known for years. You can make the experience easier by getting your kids involved with the move.

  • Discuss The Move: Talking to your child can help them feel emotionally and mentally involved with the move. Your child is going to have a lot of questions and concerns about the move, and addressing them will help your child feel as if their feelings on the subject do matter. They may not have any input in the final decision, but it may help them feel better to share their feelings or even share a few decorating ideas.
  • Involving Them In House Hunting: What a better way to involve your child in the move than asking for their opinion when house hunting? Show your child potential houses and see if there are any that catch their eye. You can even take them with you to different showings so they can get a glimpse of their possible new home. Another idea is to have your child create a wish list of the things they would like to have in their new home, such as the rug you saw in the store last week or a poster of their favorite cartoon character. Once you choose a house, give your child a tour of the new backyard and neighborhood.
  • Let Them Design Their Room: You want your child to feel excited about the move, so ask them to draw a map of their new room. When you set up the furniture, try to keep it as close to their map as possible. Let your child set up their toys and games according to the map, but remember that your child may change things up once they arrange everything. Mapping out their new room gives your child a sense of control during the move.
  • Let Them Help With Packing: It is understandable that you do not want your little one to pack your fine China or photo frames, but someone needs to pack up their stuffed animals and books. You can even ask your child for help when it is time to tape the box shut. If your child can write, ask them to label the box with their first name and place it to the side. Your child can also label the box using foam letter stickers. You can also ask your child to help pack the linen, magazines and family board games. This allows your child to feel involved even after they have finished packing their own belongings.
  • Pack a Special Box: You are probably going to pack a box of valuables to take in the car, so let your child do the same with their own belongings. The box may include their favorite stuffed animal, action figure, book or blanket. Let your child decorate the box and hold on to it during the drive to your new home.
  • Assign Small Tasks: Let your child help with settling into the new home by giving them small tasks to do. You can start by letting them unpack their own items such as stuffed animals, games and books. For the next task, ask them to help you unpack and set up accessories such as throw pillows, bathroom towels and area rugs.

There are plenty of ways to get your kids involved with the move, from packing their belongings to setting up their bedroom. Getting your kids involved with the move gives them a sense of comfort and control in what may be a scary experience for them.